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TPS®'s ticket-based system ensures that your technical request will be responded to as quickly as possible with as much helpful information as possible. By filling out our form, we don't have to spend precious time asking you for configuration information and your problem gets fixed faster. Take a few minutes to tell us about your problem and we'll respond back to you ASAP. If a field has obviously nothing to do with your problem, please enter N/A or simply a period. You can alternately email us at Please make certain that you provide a valid e-mail address and phone number in order for us to contact you!

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**Operating System/Release:
         i.e. Win 98, Sun Solaris 10, AIX 5.2, etc.
**Hardware Type :
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Network Management / Industry Solutions

 TPS®/NFM Server (Network File Manager)
 TPS®/NFM Client (Network File Manager)
 TPS®/WebFM (Web File Manager)
 TPS®/NTM Server (Network Transaction Manager)
 TPS®/NTM Client (Network Transaction Manager)
 TPS®/JES Services
 TPS®/JES Interface
 TPS®/MIX (Multisession Interactive eXecutive)

Legacy Solutions

Protocol Conversion

 TPS®/PCA (Protocol Conversation Application)


 Other / I am not sure which product(s) will meet my needs, please contact me


Description of Problem:

Enter a complete description of your problem below including exact error messages, how you received them, and any changes you have made to your system involving this error. In the meantime, please check the 'Support' section for common problems and solutions. If you have logs, please send them to If log files are over 5 MB, do not use email please contact TPS® for an FTP account.

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